Clément Vellieux
ZoodFood Co-Founder

IIG gives me the opportunity to take part in the creation of a pioneer group and a market leader of e-commerce in Iran, one of the most promising markets in the world.  Every day, I’m working with amazing people, with a true entrepreneurial spirit and a strong experience in the online sector.
I’m really proud of what we have achieved so far with Zoodfood but I’m above all very excited about what we will do.

Shahram Shahkar
Snapp CEO and Co-Founder

Taking my ideas to the next level and building something big that people use every day was the reason I decided to join IIG. Working alongside the best in my field, who make you want to be better and also help you get there, is the reason I decided to stay. Ambitious goals, moving fast, and seeing the results of my decisions instantly is what inspires me every day.

Mehrad Abdolrazagh
ZoodFood Co-Founder

I have always been looking for something which has not been done by the others, either because it looks impossible for them or even because it didn't come to their mind. Working in one of the fastest growing business environments in Iran is the best thing I could have done to fulfill this urge, and of course it's the best match for what I’m experienced in, software engineering and business administration. Thanks to IIG; Iran Internet Group!

Saeed Lotfi
ZoodFood Co-Founder

Since my studies at university, I was thinking about how I can be an entrepreneur in Iran and set up a startup. I was looking for a new and original idea which makes people life easier and solves daily problems. Iran is at a turning point and has an amazing potential for new businesses like us.
I started Zoodfood with the help of my friends and we developed it step by step. Now, I am so delightful that we've joined IIG: our development has never been so fast and we still have so many projects to realize!!

Hamed Madan
CEO Eskano and Co-Founder

Joining IIG group as CEO of Eskano was a challenge and a privilege at the same time. In Eskano we try our best to fulfill our clients need to find their dream home and make a professional environment for brokers and developers to promote their properties. Our goal is to create a win, win, win situation on three different levels; Home buyers, Brokers and Eskano.

Reza Tavangar
Iran Internet Group HR Manager

When I joined IIG I found it a great workplace with a group of highly dedicated, dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs coming from around the globe with strong intention of making the Iranian people’s lives easier with injecting online culture through their behaviour. A place that you always need to stay sharply proactive, recognizing the hidden demands as opportunities on your own as well as fulfilling the demands by yourself! A place that you can deeply feel the spirit of team work by your heart! IIG is not only an employer but also a great partner that can enable your both personal and career success story.